Luna knows what she wants

As a parent all I strive for is to make sure that my children become smart, independent, contributors to society.  I think so far we have done a great job with  Luna.  Some people tell me that Luna is way to bossy but I see it as a good thing, the girl knows what she wants.  Yes, she may ask for something in a bossy way but she is three!  There is no guessing with her and I love it.  Its has made my life a lot easier.  For instance her birthday is this weekend.  Now another thing I as a parent want for my little girl is for her to not only relate to princesses but other characters as well.  I am not against princesses I just think there should be a balance.  So you can imagine my happiness when this year she asked for a pirate themed birthday party which comes from her watching a show call Jake and The Neverland Pirates.  There is a girl pirate on the show so naturally I thought that is who she would want to dress up as ( and yes the whole family is dressing up like characters per request of Luna)  but to my surprise she wants to be Jake.  She has very specific instructions on who we should all be and the food she wants and that is OK.  Yes she can be bossy but it’s because already she knows what she wants and what will make her happy.  This is my biggest accomplishment so far into parenthood.





I absolutely love this post from my girl at from date to diapers blog.  It so important to raise independent kids!


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