Its Ok to ask for help

Many of you that are raising small children, working, keeping house or anything else know how hard it is to keep up with the demands of life.  I feel so accomplished when I make it out the door to work on time.  Which is not always the case.  When Luna wakes up its right to the toilet (which she never wants to do), then its making breakfast (which usual takes while to figure out), and then its making lunches, throwing laundry in the dryer, and nursing the baby.  All this before 7:30!  This leaves little energy when I get home from work to do much else.  I look at the dirty house, laundry, messy yard and think well at least the kids are happy.  BUT that does not always cut it does it.  So I call for help and that’s OK.  If you have the help  around in forms of friends, grandparents, aunts, or uncles use them.  They can entertain the kids while you clean, cook, or even catch up on sleep and from my experience a nice meal at the end of the shift is a great exchange.   It was hard at me at first to accept the fact that I could not do it all and that I needed help.  Once I started to ask and realized how much people really do want to help it was easy for me.  Even if you don’t have family around there are many great services that have sitters that will come over and help you with the kids.  Its nice to think we can do it all but in reality we can’t.  So ask for help!

Luna with her favorite babysitter: Grandma


Here is a great article explaining why its good to ask for help.


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