No such thing as a quick trip with a 3 year old

I love when a quick trip turns into a 2 hours ordeal. My husband and I work different shifts so that one of us can stay home with the kids during the day. So for the most part we are always on our own with the kids which means we have to take them with us for even the smallest errand. For instance, I needed to go to target to get more diapers. I literally needed to run in and run out. So I get the kids all ready to go (which took a half hour on its own) and zoom over to target. Of course while I am there I realize I need socks for the baby and head in that direction first. That is where things went wrong. As I am approaching the baby isle I realize DUH its right next to the toy isle. Now, Luna is great about not being upset if we don’t buy a toy BUT she still needs to look at every single possibility. So here I am scolding myself for not steering clear of the toy section while saying the phrases “Ask grandma for that”, “Maybe next time”, “You already have that”, and my favorite no matter what time of year “Ask Santa.” We finally manage to get out of the toy isle to only be blindsided by the Easter candy isle. Ugh, so I give into Targets strategic placement of candy at toddler height and buy some Cadbury mini eggs, put Luna in the basket, and jet to the diaper isle to buy what I really came for. Diapers. And I know you all know I went in for the diapers and managed to spend $100. Hmm never fails. Touche Target Touche.

296287_4722105301533_216536688_n    This is how I usually pacify the 3 year old.  Popcorn.


This is a helpful blog of moms who all have advice for how to go out with kids.


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