Potty Training Nightmares

Anyone with a grown kid can tell you potty training nightmares. I thought I was in the clear for a minute but I should have known better with stubborn little Luna. The one bit of advice I got from a friend was don’t push them into it before they are ready, so we didn’t. Then her third birthday was in sight and we thought it was about time to start pushing her more. We have been talking the potty talk for about a year now, with Luna showing no interest, so now it was time to walk the walk. It started off with a ridiculous singing potty that you had to clean yourself. GROSS! Stopped that real quick, no crutches was our philosophy. So onto the big girl potty she went and lo and behold she was ready! Had a couple of accidents and then it was smooth sailing until….she found out how to use the potty excuse. “I can’t go to sleep momma I have to go poop”. She knew we couldn’t say no to her asking to go potty. So there the resistance began, she would not get off the potty because then she knew bed was next. We finally got her out of this routine. You live you learn. My husband and I lack structure, we are just not those kind of people, so we adjust and learn. We just keep saying “It will be different with the next kid.” haha so we have convinced ourselves.

The ridiculous singing clean it yourself potty chair.

Princess-potty-chairHelpful Potty Training Tips


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