Giving up the Pacifier

So the time has come to put the pacifier to rest. We almost had her off of it but then her brother was born 4 months ago and we regressed telling ourselves that she needed it to help her through the change, when in reality we were the ones who needed a safTo say Luna loves her pacifier is an understatement. She talks about it all the time and makes sure it goes with her wherever we are going. I started off by doing some things other mothers have told me to do. Like “Tell her to put it in the mail and send it to another little girl who needs one”, Ummm ya right, a three year old give up something. Ok moving on. “Tell her the pacifier fairy will come and take it, then leave her a present”, Ok this sounded good. Ummmm ya right. I told her the fairy would come and leave her the barbie she is always asking for. Luna said to me “It’s ok mom, I just want my pacifier. I will wait for my birthday to get the barbie or ask grandma”. Ha!! Touche little one, Touche. Then one day to my surprise I told her the pacifier was dirty cause it feel in the mud and she threw it away. I don’t think she really had thought it out because that night was hell. It took FOREVER to put her to sleep, the whole time she was mourning her pacifier. Crying and asking “why momma why??”. I almost broke down, if I wasn’t there then my husband would have broken down for sure, he is such a pushover when it comes to his little girl. I was so proud of myself for sticking with it. I know my Luna though and she will test me for a week. She already told me “Just go to the store and buy another one”, when I told her we didn’t have anymore. She is smart and quick that one. Wish me luck this week!! Its going to be hard but when its over no more disgusting pacifier!! Yipee!!! Here is link that I found a bit useful. Really the best time to wean them is when its right for you, but here you go anyways!


Her is Luna with her “Ciccis”


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