Luna knows what she wants

As a parent all I strive for is to make sure that my children become smart, independent, contributors to society.  I think so far we have done a great job with  Luna.  Some people tell me that Luna is way to bossy but I see it as a good thing, the girl knows what she wants.  Yes, she may ask for something in a bossy way but she is three!  There is no guessing with her and I love it.  Its has made my life a lot easier.  For instance her birthday is this weekend.  Now another thing I as a parent want for my little girl is for her to not only relate to princesses but other characters as well.  I am not against princesses I just think there should be a balance.  So you can imagine my happiness when this year she asked for a pirate themed birthday party which comes from her watching a show call Jake and The Neverland Pirates.  There is a girl pirate on the show so naturally I thought that is who she would want to dress up as ( and yes the whole family is dressing up like characters per request of Luna)  but to my surprise she wants to be Jake.  She has very specific instructions on who we should all be and the food she wants and that is OK.  Yes she can be bossy but it’s because already she knows what she wants and what will make her happy.  This is my biggest accomplishment so far into parenthood.





I absolutely love this post from my girl at from date to diapers blog.  It so important to raise independent kids!


Its Ok to ask for help

Many of you that are raising small children, working, keeping house or anything else know how hard it is to keep up with the demands of life.  I feel so accomplished when I make it out the door to work on time.  Which is not always the case.  When Luna wakes up its right to the toilet (which she never wants to do), then its making breakfast (which usual takes while to figure out), and then its making lunches, throwing laundry in the dryer, and nursing the baby.  All this before 7:30!  This leaves little energy when I get home from work to do much else.  I look at the dirty house, laundry, messy yard and think well at least the kids are happy.  BUT that does not always cut it does it.  So I call for help and that’s OK.  If you have the help  around in forms of friends, grandparents, aunts, or uncles use them.  They can entertain the kids while you clean, cook, or even catch up on sleep and from my experience a nice meal at the end of the shift is a great exchange.   It was hard at me at first to accept the fact that I could not do it all and that I needed help.  Once I started to ask and realized how much people really do want to help it was easy for me.  Even if you don’t have family around there are many great services that have sitters that will come over and help you with the kids.  Its nice to think we can do it all but in reality we can’t.  So ask for help!

Luna with her favorite babysitter: Grandma


Here is a great article explaining why its good to ask for help.

No such thing as a quick trip with a 3 year old

I love when a quick trip turns into a 2 hours ordeal. My husband and I work different shifts so that one of us can stay home with the kids during the day. So for the most part we are always on our own with the kids which means we have to take them with us for even the smallest errand. For instance, I needed to go to target to get more diapers. I literally needed to run in and run out. So I get the kids all ready to go (which took a half hour on its own) and zoom over to target. Of course while I am there I realize I need socks for the baby and head in that direction first. That is where things went wrong. As I am approaching the baby isle I realize DUH its right next to the toy isle. Now, Luna is great about not being upset if we don’t buy a toy BUT she still needs to look at every single possibility. So here I am scolding myself for not steering clear of the toy section while saying the phrases “Ask grandma for that”, “Maybe next time”, “You already have that”, and my favorite no matter what time of year “Ask Santa.” We finally manage to get out of the toy isle to only be blindsided by the Easter candy isle. Ugh, so I give into Targets strategic placement of candy at toddler height and buy some Cadbury mini eggs, put Luna in the basket, and jet to the diaper isle to buy what I really came for. Diapers. And I know you all know I went in for the diapers and managed to spend $100. Hmm never fails. Touche Target Touche.

296287_4722105301533_216536688_n    This is how I usually pacify the 3 year old.  Popcorn.


This is a helpful blog of moms who all have advice for how to go out with kids.

Potty Training Nightmares

Anyone with a grown kid can tell you potty training nightmares. I thought I was in the clear for a minute but I should have known better with stubborn little Luna. The one bit of advice I got from a friend was don’t push them into it before they are ready, so we didn’t. Then her third birthday was in sight and we thought it was about time to start pushing her more. We have been talking the potty talk for about a year now, with Luna showing no interest, so now it was time to walk the walk. It started off with a ridiculous singing potty that you had to clean yourself. GROSS! Stopped that real quick, no crutches was our philosophy. So onto the big girl potty she went and lo and behold she was ready! Had a couple of accidents and then it was smooth sailing until….she found out how to use the potty excuse. “I can’t go to sleep momma I have to go poop”. She knew we couldn’t say no to her asking to go potty. So there the resistance began, she would not get off the potty because then she knew bed was next. We finally got her out of this routine. You live you learn. My husband and I lack structure, we are just not those kind of people, so we adjust and learn. We just keep saying “It will be different with the next kid.” haha so we have convinced ourselves.

The ridiculous singing clean it yourself potty chair.

Princess-potty-chairHelpful Potty Training Tips

Giving up the Pacifier

So the time has come to put the pacifier to rest. We almost had her off of it but then her brother was born 4 months ago and we regressed telling ourselves that she needed it to help her through the change, when in reality we were the ones who needed a safTo say Luna loves her pacifier is an understatement. She talks about it all the time and makes sure it goes with her wherever we are going. I started off by doing some things other mothers have told me to do. Like “Tell her to put it in the mail and send it to another little girl who needs one”, Ummm ya right, a three year old give up something. Ok moving on. “Tell her the pacifier fairy will come and take it, then leave her a present”, Ok this sounded good. Ummmm ya right. I told her the fairy would come and leave her the barbie she is always asking for. Luna said to me “It’s ok mom, I just want my pacifier. I will wait for my birthday to get the barbie or ask grandma”. Ha!! Touche little one, Touche. Then one day to my surprise I told her the pacifier was dirty cause it feel in the mud and she threw it away. I don’t think she really had thought it out because that night was hell. It took FOREVER to put her to sleep, the whole time she was mourning her pacifier. Crying and asking “why momma why??”. I almost broke down, if I wasn’t there then my husband would have broken down for sure, he is such a pushover when it comes to his little girl. I was so proud of myself for sticking with it. I know my Luna though and she will test me for a week. She already told me “Just go to the store and buy another one”, when I told her we didn’t have anymore. She is smart and quick that one. Wish me luck this week!! Its going to be hard but when its over no more disgusting pacifier!! Yipee!!! Here is link that I found a bit useful. Really the best time to wean them is when its right for you, but here you go anyways!


Her is Luna with her “Ciccis”